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Ultimately, travel is my way of life. It’s not just a journey, it’s a lifestyle. I enjoy the short-term escape from reality, and sometimes dread the return. My solution? Travel often. - Alexi

Tue, 08 Oct 2013 11:42:27

En Route With Alexi Mintz- Co Founder of 3FLOZ

Getting ready for the trip…

I would describe my packing style as somewhere in between anal and relaxed. I normally don’t seriously pack until the night before a trip or day of. If I am not packing in my Coach duffle bag, I am using a rolling carry-on sized suitcase. I do not own luggage sized for checking. I always check my baggage out of bag loss anxiety, and just the comfort of knowing where my stuff is.

I always over-pack my toiletries and my intimates because you never know what could happen, and those are the two hardest items to replace. I always pack a particular way. I pull out the items I want to pack a few days before the trip, and roll my clothes for a tighter fit. Shoes go in first and toiletries always last. When I get home from a trip, I refill my toiletries so they are always full and ready to go on another trip.

Once I leave for the airport…

I normally fly American Airlines, but on the occasion that it is not available, I fly JetBlue. Since I have the luxury of having airline status, I push the envelope on my arrival time since I know I won’t run into a line. Once through security, I pick up two bottles of Smart Water and the weeklies from Hudson News. If I have any time to spare, I sit in the airline lounge.

On the plane…

During flight I will usually treat myself to the weeklies before I start working. I have been known to do my best work on cross-country trips. On red eye flights I will watch a TV show, then sleep. Entertaining myself in flight is easy. I use my MacBook Air to watch TV shows or to get some work done.

Seat preference is always aisle for quick bathroom access. I drink the two bottles of Smart Water- one filled with David Kirsch Thermo bubbles to curb my appetite, and the other with plain water. I never drink soda during flight because the carbonation makes our bodies bloat. As far as eating goes, if I am hungry I will eat almonds or a protein bar, but normally never a meal. I try to time my flights so that I am not missing a meal or eating on a plane.

Travel is a necessity, and I like to do it a specific way. I’ve had a lot of practice.

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