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Ultimately, travel is my way of life. It’s not just a journey, it’s a lifestyle. I enjoy the short-term escape from reality, and sometimes dread the return. My solution? Travel often. - Alexi

Thu, 10 Oct 2013 11:03:11

When I travel, my phone is one of my most important accessories. I have several apps that I rely on for different needs when I am traveling domestically or internationally. Here is my hot list:

Spotify [FREE] is my first any only option to listen to the latest hits, and some oldies too.

Hotel Tonight [FREE] is great for finding last minute deals on hotels.

FoundersCard [FREE] is my go-to for discounts as I travel, and is membership based.

GateGuru [FREE] is what I use to check my flight itineraries, view security wait times, see airport restaurants, and view reviews from other passengers.

Google Translate [FREE] is a must for International travel.

Uber [FREE] is one of my most used apps period, even at home in NYC. I always have fast and reliable service, and there is no exchange of cash because Uber requires you to set up your bank account to their service.

Exit Strategy NYC [$3.99] is a New York City based app that is super helpful for riding the subway. It tells you exactly which car to ride in in order to exit the station at the right corner for your destination.

Evernote [FREE] helps keep me organized wherever I am. It allows you to share files with others and organize things you find on the web or paper documents by scanning them at home/work.


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