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21 Drops 15-Decongest

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What is this?


With Decongest, you will breathe easy. You’ll feel it deep in your sinuses and chest. It’s formulated to help loosen mucus build-up, remove respiratory rigidity, ease coughs and promote cooler temperatures. Ditch the candy substitute, and try reaching for our pure Decongest blend.

Additional Information

SKU 21d060415
Brand 21 Drops
Ingredients #15 Decongest fuses the 100% natural essential oils of Ravintsara Leaf Oil, Myrrh Resin Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, and Black Pepper Dried Fruit Oil to to release congestion and clear phlegm from the body.


Roll onto temples, inside of wrists, and the sides of your neck to allow for immediate absorption. It is also very effective to roll directly onto your area of concern, such as head, chest or throat. For maximum effect, apply frequently throughout the day, to feel better. Be better.

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