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Roux Maison's eco-chic laundry line includes custom formulated, fabric-specific laundry detergents and a stain remover.  They are all made with the finest natural and naturally-derived ingredients and are designed to be amazingly gentle yet highly effective.  The chemicals in conventional laundry products and dry cleaning solvents get embedded in fibers, thus coating the fabrics of clothes, towels and sheets.  Every time you get dressed, dry off after a shower or go to sleep, not only are you surrounding yourself with harsh, abrasive and often toxic chemicals, but you are also shortening the longevity of all of your fabrics.  These chemicals weaken fabrics and their fibers, and hasten the speed at which they would otherwise naturally degrade and deteriorate.  As a result, everything you wash doesn't last as long as it should, while you and your environment are continuously exposed to toxins, allergens, irritants, and carcinogens.  Roux Maison's  products re-think laundry and use earth and fabric-friendly ingredients to clean and conserve your clothing.

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