Alexi & Kate 


They became friends while working together and bonded while traveling. As they traveled together they quickly realized that their travel styles were completely different. This caused major chaos at the airport. Typically, Alexi showed up at the airport an hour before departure with nothing more than a carry on bag. Kate, on the other hand, arrived at the airport two hours before departure with no less than two bags to check (regardless of the planned length of stay); making Alexi crazy. Alexi was sure that Kate checked her bags because at 5’1” she couldn’t reach the overhead bins. Kate was certain that Alexi’s concern about losing luggage (just one of her many anxieties) prevented her from checking bags. Clearly, a compromise was in order if they were to continue traveling together.


Kate wasn’t willing to give up her daily beauty regime and carried her full- sized beauty products everywhere she travelled. She couldn’t be bothered spending hours shopping multiple locations searching for the TSA approved size products. Alexi was willing to spend hours going store to store buying her beauty products in TSA approved sizes so she could carry on her luggage. In addition to her anxiety about lost luggage Alexi had a fear of commitment, so buying full sized products put her into a full panic; travel sized products were the perfect solution.
Alexi stopped shopping for her TSA approved beauty products and started using Kate’s full- sized products when they were traveling together. This did not work for two reasons- Kate HATED sharing her beauty products and Alexi was SICK of waiting for her at the airport while she checked her luggage.


Alexi and Kate created 3floz.com, as a one stop shop for all of your favorite TSA friendly beauty products. Problems solved! They sell only their favorite brands, products they are passionate about or products they want you to fall in love with. They will ship to you or directly to your hotel, whichever makes your traveling easier.

Even If you aren’t traveling but are curious and even if you can’t commit we are confident we have the product for you!

Safe Travels,

Alexi & Kate